Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 123hrs
  • Language :
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi


About the program


The College of Communication and Media offers one program with three specializations:

  1. Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media - Digital Journalism:
    it is designed in line with the requirements of the labour market and the major transformations imposed by new communication technology in the field of journalism and media. It deals with the means and methods of communicating information to the public, and the dependence of press institutions and their public on the media and digital media tools including the Internet and its applications, e-journalism, electronic portals, blogs, and social networks.
    It is, therefore, necessary to shift to teaching students of the major the knowledge and arts of these media and their uses in the field of journalism and media. It aims to equip the students with the necessary skills to plan, design and produce digital press content, methods including methods of writing and editing materials. It also aims to give the students the ability to digital productions for each interactive platform according to ethical and professional standards in the field.
  2. Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media - Advertising:
    It is designed to provide the students with the basic knowledge in the field of Advertising, its techniques, develop creative thinking skills and find the appropriate solutions to advertising problems, and graduate students who are able to design, plan, implement and evaluate advertising campaigns.
  3. Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media - Public Relations:
    It seeks provide the students with the basic knowledge, principles and foundations of public relations and ways of dealing with mass media in various institutions, and keep them aware with the latest international developments in the PR.



The program adheres to the vision of the college and university, and looks forward to be a leading program in qualifying students in the fields of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, as well as enable the students to have the skills in scientific research and required to meet the needs of the labour market.



The program appearances to prepare high-skilled students in the fields of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations in line with the development of modern communication technology.



  • To develop the skills of students in the practice of journalism by providing them with basic theories and concepts that help them to practice the profession of journalism.  
  • To train students in mastering the skills of writing advertising and marketing communication.  
  • To qualify students to practice journalism and news gathering, editing, designing and press ejecting.  
  • To provide students with the skills necessary for research, media studies and public opinion research using the latest technology so special. 
  • To train students in the skills of planning media campaigns and advertising as well as advertising in various media.  
  • To give the students scientific research skills in the fields of journalism, and prepare them for work in the local and international media. 
  • To provide local ministries and institutions with specialized people in the areas of public relations, journalism, and advertising, to be able to promote the media for contribution to overall national development needs of society. 
  • To provide students with opportunities for field training, connecting theoretical education with field work, and to communicate with the various institutions of society.
  • To train students in practical skills necessary to build closer ties between the University and local and regional organizations, using the latest means of written, visual and audio communication.

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Admission Requirements

  • UAE Secondary School Certificate (Science/advance Or Arts/general) or its equivalent approved by the UAE Ministry of Education, with a minimum average of 60% or Technical Certificate with a minimum average of 60% approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Obtain Arabic language proficiency certificate (EMSAT) with a score not less than (1000).
  •  A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate in one of the below certificates or its equivalent, at least as the following:
950 450 4.5

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor of Mass Communication, a student must successfully complete 123 credit hours, with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2 out of 4.

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