Strategy and Policies


The Faculty recognizes the value of research and scholarly activity in supporting academic excellence, teaching, learning process and the advancement of innovation internally in the Faculty and externally in the broad community.
The Faculty considers research and scholarly activity as important activities for the continuing quality of academic programming, the advancement of applied knowledge and learning, the training of students, and meeting the needs of industry, business, and the community.
The Faculty will promote, encourage and sustain a broadly defined research and scholarly activity program that is consistent with the vision, mission, and it’s strategic objectives directly related to the economic and social needs of its communities. Research and scholarly activity at the Faculty will incorporate a broad range of research and scholarship, including, applied research, developmental research, discipline-based research, and research focused on teaching and learning.
The Faculty will emphasize applied research and learning in its overall research initiative as essential for its role in fostering innovation and contributing to overall knowledge transfer and technology diffusion for the economic and social good of society.
The Faculty will pursue the scholarship of teaching and learning as a strategy to improve teaching practice and advance learning all within the overall scholarly activity initiative.
Faculty’s staff members are encouraged to undertake applied research and scholarly activity as an enhancement to the curriculum, as a further connection to industry and business, and to improve the teaching and learning process. Research enriches the applied learning environment for students, helps train the next generation of researchers, and provides the community with graduates with an innovation edge.