Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media - Public Relations

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 123hrs
  • Language :
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi



The aim of the Bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relation is to establish a solid foundation for its students on the essential elements, principles, and foundations of public relations and approaches for relationship building, stakeholder and media management. Students will learn about the latest international developments in the field of public relations and be given practical opportunities to develop their skills, enabling them to be competitive in the labor market after graduation.    


Learning Outcomes

No.Program Learning OutcomesAligned with
1 Identifies what are the public relations and organizational aspects of professional and ethical application. QFE 1,3,11
2 Determines the role of public relations in crisis management and risks. QFE 2,4,8
3 Analyzes the problems of facing public relations and media relations along with their resolutions. QFE 4,6
4 Manifests the roles of strategic planning in public relations. QFE 9
5 Employs the skills of scientific research in developing plans for public relations and ways of developing them. QFE 5
6 Employs modern technology to document public relations between different organizations. QFE 7,9,10


Job Opportunities

  • Public Relations Officer
  • Public relations management in government organizations or private companies.
  • Event management. 

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
First: General University Education (33) C R.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (27) CR.H.
0102120 Computer Skills 3  
0201111A Science and Life 3  
0401120 English (1) 3  
0401121 English (2) 3 0401120B
0405100 Arabic Language 3  
0406110 Islamic Culture 3  
0408100A Introduction to Psychology 3  
0501170A Fund. of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3  
0508203A Scientific Research Methodology 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H.
The student is required to choose Only One course from each of the following groups:
(a) Society and Civilization (3) CR.H.
0406100 Arabs and Muslims’ Contributions to Arts & Science 3  
0408101A Physical Education & Health 3  
0409100A Ethical Awareness 3  
0409101 Arab Society 3  
0409102A Environmental Awareness 3  
(b) Managerial Skills (3) CR.H.
0303100 Law and Society 3  
0408103A Thinking Skills 3  
0408104 Self-Assessment 3  
0501100A Introduction to Time Management 3  
0501150 Leadership and Teamwork 3  
Second: Compulsory College Requirements (51) CR.H.
0102411A Multimedia 3 0102120
0405312A Literary and Artistic Criticism 3  
0501200A Principles of Management 3  
0504200A Marketing Management 3  
0506423A Web Design 3 0102120
0509100 Principles of Economics 3  
0601200 Introduction to Traditional and Digital Journalism 3  
0601201 Mass Communication Law and Ethics 3 0601200
0601202 Mass Media in the UAE 3  
0601203 Introduction to Political Science 3  
0601204 Communication Theories 3  
0602200 Introduction to Advertising 3 0509100
0602201 Introduction to Fine Arts 3  
0602202 Digital Photography 3  
0602203 Mass Comm. Research Methods 3 0508203A
0603200 Introduction to Public Relations 3  
0603201 Public Opinion 3 0603200
Third: Specialization Courses (39) CR.H.
(1) Compulsory Courses (30) CR.H.
0603310 Writing for Public Relations 3 0603200
0603320 Protocol and Etiquette 3 0603200
0603330 Public Relations Management 3 0501200A& 0603200
0603340E International Public Relations 3 0401121 & 0603200
0603350 Media Production 3 0603310 &0603200
0603360E Online Public Relations 3 0401121 & 0603200
0603470 Organizational Communication 3 0501200A& 0603200
0603480 Case Studies in Public Relations 3 90 CR.H.
0603490 Internship Internship for Public Relations 3 90 CR.H.
0603499 Graduation Project for Public Relations 3 90 CR.H.
(2) Elective Courses (9) CR.H.
0602302 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 0602200
0603202 The Art of Persuasion 3 0603204
0603450 Public Relations Campaigns 3 0603200
0603460 Dialogue and Negotiation Mangt. 3 0603200
0603461 Public Relations and Social Media 3 0603200
0603481 Organization of Special Events 3 0603200


Guidance Plan

Course Descriptions


Course CodeCourse NameTextbook TitleName of AuthorspublisherYear of Publication
0603310 Writing for Public Relations Translation d. Fayed Rabah, d. Mai Khaja Writing for PR format and style University Book House 2009
0603320 Protocol and Etiquette Dr. Fadel Al BadraniRivett, R. & Whittington, Bob The art of etiquette in building social and diplomatic relationsDiplomatic Protocol: Etiquette, Statecraft & Trust University Book HouseWhittles Publishing 20152017
0603330 Public Relations Management Dr. Mustafa Humaied Altaei Jaishri Jethwaney & NN Sarkar Management and communication activities in public relationsPublic Relations Management Dar Osama - JordanSterling 20172017
0603340E International Public Relations Dr. Manal HelalTuncer , M. Umut International Public RelationsInternational public relations: practices and approaches (ed) Al - Masirah Publishing & Distribution HousePeter Lang 20152018
0603350 Media Production Muhammed Nagi AljawharPaul Dwyer Traditional and electronic media materialsUnderstanding Media Production University Book HouseRoutledge Publisher 20132018
0603360E Online Public Relations Haig, MattKelleher, TomSandra Duhé E-PR: the essential guide to public relations on the Internet.Public relations online: Lasting concepts for changing media.New media and public relations, 3nd Kogan Page Publishers.Sage publications.Peter Lang International Academic Publishers 200020072017
0603470 Organizational Communication Dr. Mohamed Gohar Joep P. Cornelissen Organizational CommunicationCorporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice University Book HouseSage Publications- 20152017
0603480 Case Studies in Public Relations Judy VanSlyke Turk and John Paluszek Public Relations Case Studies from Around the World Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers 2017
0603460 Dialogue and Negotiation Management Hussein Tarawneh Mehdi Said Al - AzzawiSteve Gates Negotiation and conflict resolution management Negotiation Engineering: A Practical Guide to Negotiation Techniques, Persuasion and Goal CompletionThe Negotiation Book: Your Definitive Guide to Successful Negotiating University House for Publishing and DistributionCulture for publication and distributionWiley 20162015
0603461 Public Relations and Social Media Public relations and social networks Osama Publishing House Dr. Husien Mahmoud  2015
0603481 Organization of Special Events Khaled Al AmeriLynn Fuhler Managing conferences, celebrations, festivals and exhibitionsSecrets to Successful Events: How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals Dar El Farouk For Cultural Investments - CairoFlying Compass Press 20082016
0102411 A  Multimedia  Multimedia design and production Tariq Esmael Mohammed, Translation of Nasruddin Ayadi and Sadiq Rabeh Dar AL Afaq Almushreqa 2018
Multimedia Foundations: Core Concepts for Digital Design   Vic Costello    2nd2016
0506423A Web Design Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop Dan Rose Adobe Press 2015
0601200 Introduction to Journalism Introduction to traditional and digital journalism Dr. Hussein Ali Ibrahim Al Falahi University Book House 2017
0601201 Mass Communication Law and Ethics Laws and ethics of media work Dr. Hosny Mohamed Nasr University Book House 2017
0601202 Mass Media in UAE Media in UAE Dr. Fawzia Al Ali Al Falah Library 2016
0602200 Introduction to advertising Advertising foundations and principles Dr. Alnoor Dafullah Ahmad University Book House 2016
0602201 Introduction to Fine Arts Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts Debra J. DeWitte , Ralph M. Larmann , M. Kathryn Shields Thames & Hudson 2015
0602202 Digital photography Secrets of Digital Photography (5 Parts) Scott Kilby Arab Science House 2014
0602203 Mass Communication Research Methods Media Research Methods Dr. Saad Suleiman Al Mashhadani University Book House 2017
0603200 Introduction to Public Relations Introduction to Public Relations Dr. Reham Ali Noir University Book House 2017
0603201 Public Opinion Introduction to public opinion Dr. Kamil Khurshid Dar Osama 2015