The College of Communication and Media seeks to achieve leadership in journalism, advertising and Public Relations studies and employs the latest teaching and research methods and modern technology with the latest professional standards applied in order to contribute to community service. It aims to complement the necessary competencies for its development, based on the principle of commitment to ethics and contemporary national identity.




At the College of Communication and Media we aim to strengthen the role of the University in order to be a leader in the development of competencies in the fields of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, To do this, we shall focus on preparing professional journalists, PR and adverti sing professional practitioners and researchers who can contribute to the development of careers in these fields. Currently, the College contributes to the development of the Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising professions, through an emphasis on active learning, scientific research and information technologies. It also strives to be distinguished in community service in the UAE with the full cooperation and involvement of its students, and academic staff who are multicultural, and qualified in accordance with international standards.

Arabic is the language of instruction at the College of Communication with some courses offered in English. Therefore, IELTS exam is required of students entering the programme. When the College of Communication and media was established in 2001, the college confirmed its goal of becoming an academic centre of excellence in the field of communication and media. Which and attracts a diverse community of students and faculty from the Gulf, the Arab world, and the rest of the world. The College’s goal is to match our University’s efforts to achieve diversity, which is reflected in its slogan.