• Develop the skills of students in the practice of journalism by providing them with basic theories and concepts that help them to practice the profession of journalism.  
  • Train students in mastering the skills of writing advertising and marketing communication.  
  • Qualify students to practice journalism and newsgathering, editing, designing and press ejecting.  
  • Provide students with the skills necessary for research, media studies and public opinion research using the latest technology so special. 
  • Train students in the skills of planning media campaigns and advertising as well as advertising in various media.  
  • Give the students the skills of scientific research in the fields of journalism, and prepare them for work in the local and international media. 
  • Provide local ministries and institutions with specialized people in the areas of public relations, journalism, advertising to be able to promote the media for contribution to overall national development needs of society. 
  • Provide students with opportunities for field training, connecting theoretical education with fieldwork, and to communicate with the various institutions of society.
  • Train students to practical skills necessary to build closer ties between the university and local and regional organizations, using the latest means of written, visual and audio communication.