Community Engagement 


The College of Communication and Media at Al Ain University adopts activities, events and programs in both cities, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, to serve the communities through communicating with different people of different age groups, in accordance with the University's philosophy, vision and mission to build bridges with these communities and their environment through cooperation and interaction with various means to access privileged partnership. The College will document these events and activities within the cultural vision, technical information and communicative nature. 

The College implemented its vision and ambitions by the:

  1. Visits: The implementation of the social and scientific visits and participation in all activities carried out by each community, by the military and other concerning national civil components.
  2. Lectures: To give and implement scientific lectures and training workshops for all community components in terms of reference for communication and information in three subdivisions (Digital Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations).
  3. Qualified Training: The College will hold training workshops in communication arts and information to individuals and community organizations on campus and to various administrative organizations and bodies have done.
  4. Research field: The College will make and execute field research related to the competencies of the College that is communicative and informational, in addition to establishing an interactive and participatory relationship in a scientific and pragmatic trend.