Bachelor of Mass Communication and Media - Advertising

  • Type : Undergraduate
  • Credit Hours : 123hrs
  • Language :
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi



The Bachelor of Mass Communication in Advertising aims to provide students with foundational knowledge of advertising techniques, to develop their capacity to creatively conceive advertising concepts, enhance their critical thinking skills and ability find appropriate solutions to advertising problems. Graduating students will possess the skills to carry out integrated and innovative advertising campaigns and be capable of competing in the labor market. 


Learning Outcomes

No.Program Learning OutcomesAligned with
1 Identifies and defines the elements, types, sources and stages released. QFE 1,3
2 Advertises models designed using modern advertising techniques. QFE 7,10
3 Researches and studies advertising and public opinion research using modern technology. QFE 5
4 Plans advertising campaigns in various media. QFE 6,8
5 Employs the latest technology in editing and writing advertisements. QFE 4
6 Produces text ad for print, radio, TV and other electronics. QFE 6,7,10


Job Opportunities 

  • Creating and implementing small and large-scale advertising campaigns for a range of organizations.
  • Marketing and communications roles in government organizations or private companies

Study Plan


Guidance Plan

Course Descriptions


Course CodeCourse NameTextbook TitleName of AuthorspublisherYear of Publication
0602330 Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated marketing communications Dr. Ali AL Zoghbi Bright Horizons Publishing House 2018
0602430 Direct marketing Contemporary Marketing Dr. Mahmoud Haridi Egyptian Publishing 2014
0602431 Branding and Trade Mark Trademarks and Industrial Designs in the GCC Dr. Wael Bondouk University Thought Center, Egypt 2006
0102411 A  Multimedia  Multimedia design and production Tariq Esmael Mohammed, Translation of Nasruddin Ayadi and Sadiq Rabeh Dar AL Afaq Almushreqa 2018
Multimedia Foundations: Core Concepts for Digital Design   Vic Costello    2nd2016
0506423A Web Design Responsive Web Design with Adobe Photoshop Dan Rose Adobe Press 2015
0601200 Introduction to Journalism Introduction to traditional and digital journalism Dr. Hussein Ali Ibrahim Al Falahi University Book House 2017
0601201 Mass Communication Law and Ethics Laws and ethics of media work Dr. Hosny Mohamed Nasr University Book House 2017
0601202 Mass Media in UAE Media in UAE Dr. Fawzia Al Ali Al Falah Library 2016
0602200 Introduction to advertising Advertising foundations and principles Dr. Alnoor Dafullah Ahmad University Book House 2016
0602201 Introduction to Fine Arts Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts Debra J. DeWitte , Ralph M. Larmann , M. Kathryn Shields Thames & Hudson 2015
0602202 Digital photography Secrets of Digital Photography (5 Parts) Scott Kilby Arab Science House 2014
0602203 Mass Communication Research Methods Media Research Methods Dr. Saad Suleiman Al Mashhadani University Book House 2017
0603200 Introduction to Public Relations Introduction to Public Relations Dr. Reham Ali Noir University Book House 2017
0603201 Public Opinion Introduction to public opinion Dr. Kamil Khurshid Dar Osama 2015