Sterilizing the premises and implementing safety procedures at Al Ain University

Within the framework of the procedures followed by the UAE government to prevent spreading of coronavirus (COVID 19) and preserve the safety and health of the society, Al Ain University began sterilizing offices, classrooms, sections of the building, its colleges and all facilities, and providing safety and security requirements such as masks and gloves, in addition to canceling the use of the fingerprint device and developing a system of attendance and absence.

Employees started working remotely during the sterilization period and alternatively, to continue in securing the requirements of the current students and new registration, coinciding with the start of the study application remotely.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh (AAU Chancellor) stressed that these procedures are within the framework of implementing the directives of the wise leadership and in line with the preventive measures followed by the UAE to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mr. Mohammad Nihad (Administrative Manager) pointed out that, the university has used a specialized sterilization company with international standards approved by the Ministry of Health.

For his part, Mr. Moath Abu Al Rub (General Register) emphasized that the university is still receiving online applications for admission and inquiries about all its programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Education, Business, and Media.


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