Al Ain University launches “Remote” student initiatives and activities

In order to protect the health of students and to provide a comprehensive academic experience of distance learning, Al Ain University has launched a set of “remote” student initiatives and activities by providing virtual entertainment, sports and other interactive remote activities. This is in conjunction with the activation of the distance learning system for all students in UAE, in light of the efforts to counter the spread of the Corona virus.

AAU enhances all its means to communicate with the students through social media and remote work programs such as "MS Teams", to raise their morale and to provide academic advising to them, which helps to maintain their daily contacts with the university.

To further enhance the student interaction and activity, the Students’ Affairs Deanship organized a digital sport weekly challenge, where the students challenge each other by practicing some exercises at home and broadcast it via video. Moreover, another initiative called “Do Not Stop Learning” was launched to motivate students to photograph their study diaries and broadcast them through social media accounts. Valuable prizes for the winner of the best video were set.

In addition, AAU provides the students an opportunity to communicate online with the academic and admin members through various means (MS Team, social media, Moodle, e-mail, phone calls, etc.). Therefore, the students get all kind of support and answers on all their questions.

AAU, through its social media, continues to raise the awareness of the students about the (COVID-19) virus by providing health advices, sending educational message,s and urging them to stay at home to maintain their health.


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