Al Ain University celebrates the obtainment of “AQAS Accreditation” by “College of Communication and Media”


The College of Communication and Media, at Al Ain University, has obtained the international accreditation AQAS (Agency for Quality Assurance by Accreditation of study programs), One of the largest institutions in the European Union. This AQAS accreditation is granted for the first time to a College in all universities of UAE.

AAU family celebrated this achievement by holding a fraternal gathering attended by Prof. Mohammed Badr Aboul-Ela (Advisor to H.E. The Minister on Higher Education Affairs), Mr. Roni Heintze (Senior Consultant at AQAS), Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh (AAU Chancellor), Prof. Ghaleb El Refae (AAU President), Dr. Amer Qasem (AAU Vice President, Abu Dhabi), Dr. Abdulrahman Theyab (Dean of the College of Communication and Media), and many AAU Academic and Admin staffs.

At the beginning, the Dean of the College of Communication and Media stated that “this achievement will drive us towards academic and professional excellence, promote the students' talents and abilities to develop learning and innovation."

AAU Chancellor, congratulated the College (faculty members, admin staff and students) in achieving the international accreditation standards which focus on the output quality of the programs in the College.

AAU President, said that this international accreditation is a great merit which confirms our university determination to achieve the highest quality standards in its academic programs and establishes its vision to graduate generations with the skills required to compete and lead in today's world.

The Senior Consultant at AQAS, pointed out that the College deserved this accreditation due to the high quality of its educational outputs, the diversity of faculty members and its keenness to achieve the best for the students and society.

In his speech, the “Advisor to H.E. The Minister on Higher Education Affairs”, pointed out that since its establishment, AAU keens to obtain different international accreditations of the most prestigious academic accreditation institutions. Previously, the College of Law got the accreditation HCERES, then the College of Pharmacy obtained the ACPE certification, and the College of Engineering obtained the ABET accreditation, and now we are celebrating obtaining AQAS accreditation for the College of Communication and Media. He also stressed that AAU and its senior management are hardly working to obtain more international accreditations that enhance its reputation in the academic community.

At the end, Mr. Heintze delivered, to AAU, the academic certification for the “Bachelor of Communication and Media (Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations)” program for a period of six years.


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