AAU and “Al Madeef Customes” Promotes Dealing with Audience Skills

Al Ain University represented by Dr. Faisal Al Sarhan from the College of Communication and Media participated in the workshop organized by Al Madeef Customs Border Post about, “How to Deal with Audience”, In the presence of a number of strategic partners and staff. The workshop aimed to provide employees with the skills of dealing with the public to achieve fruitful interaction with different individuals according to their character, personality, and attitudes, and increase the effectiveness of employees using communication techniques and skills.

The workshop included a variety of topics, including ways to deal with the public, the concept of communicating the transfer of ideas and information through the interaction of the sender, the future and the message. The lecturer also talked about the types and elements by means of communication, patterns, and demands of the public.

Al Ain University participated in this workshop as a part of its keenness to interact with the community. Where “Al Madeef Customs” organized this workshop in order to, develop the participants' skills, their professional life, learning new things and increasing their understanding of themselves and others. Dr. Faisal Al Sarhan also presented a set of tips and techniques that would benefit those who wanted to have the art of dealing with the public.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Mohamed Hayab Al Ketbi, Director of the Customs Center, and his deputy Juma Abdullah Al-Dhahri, honored Dr. Al-Sarhan, as well as, the participants for their efforts and wished them further progress and achievement.


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