The future of audiovisual Is it going online?

Jul 02, 2018


Published in: - Amarabac International journal of Communication Science- UG Germany I association With American Arabic Academy of science and Technology, Texas-USA

Publisher: - Amarabac International journal of Communication Science

The present research examines the changes that have occurred within the audiovisual sector upon its gradual accommodation with the internet and cyberspaces, and the way it has been benefiting from the availability of technology in making significant changes, both in terms of form and content. The study will first provide a discussion over the conflicts between the traditional and electronic spaces; and how the audiovisual sector- by virtue of its precedence- is striving to reshape contents in order to align with both spaces. Secondly, the study will focus on the new strategies developed within the audiovisual sector to adhere to the specificities of the Internet. Thirdly, it will zoom-in on the challenges of this space, including advertising, which has become an entity of its own. Finally, the paper will single out e-marketing for videos and discuss related issues that have drawn the attention of the audiovisual production sector in the Internet space.