Students of College of Communication in AAU visits AD Radio


Anxious to combine theoretical practical education, the College of Communication at Al Ain University –Al Ain

Campus- organized a visit to the Abu Dhabi Radio, in collaboration with the Deanship of  Student Affairs.

The visit comes from the belief of the University and the faculty in the importance of the combining theory with pragmatism.    

Mr. Saleh Al-Shehhi –the administrator of the Radio Services in AD Radio- received the students and toured them with the students across the radio station, Al Shehi talked about the history of the radio, its inception, the role of H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, in the station’s  establishment. Also he gave a detailed explanation about the work mechanism, and how to prepare the programmatic plan.  Moreover, the students had the chance to visit the studios and the control rooms.

The students had a tour in each of the Holy Quran Radio, Emarat FM, Star FM, and other subsidiaries of the Abu Dhabi Radio broadcasts.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Al-Shehhi was delighted to receive the students and gave them some useful tips for their future, encouraging them on the need for perseverance and hard work to get involved in the media field.

The students expressed their happiness throughout the trip, which they have benefited from a lot, wishing it to be repeated in the future.


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