Ahmad AlJumah, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133593



Ahmad Aljumah, An Assistant Professor in Marketing & Digital Marketing, I joint Al Ain University 2021 in the college of Communication & Media. I possesses academic and training experience at multinational academic institutes and corporations. I hold academic degrees from the Malaysian public Universities, along with experience in teaching courses in the field of marketing and Business. Moreover, my work has been extended to research papers, where I published many papers in Scopus & ISI journals collaboration with some fellows in international journals, with a focus on topics that aim at leveraging technology in business and communication development in the Asia and Middle East region.


Universiti Malaysia Perlis(UniMAP)

University Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Research Interests

Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relation, Entrepreneurship Marketing, Management, SME’s, Customer services

Selected Publications

1- Ahmad Aljumah, Mohammed T. Nuseir, Alam, M.M (2021). The Big Data Analytics Capabilities and the Organizational Performance: Does the Ambidexterity and Business Value of Big Data Analytics Matter. Business Process Management Journal (SCOPUS Q1 (Impact Factor 2.12), ABDC Rank-B, ABS-1) Emerald


2- Ahmad Aljumah, Mohammed T. Nuseir, Alam, M.M (2021). The Impact of Traditional Marketing Analytics and Big Data Analytics on the Success of New Product: The Mediating Role of Big Data System Quality. Business Process Management Journal (SCOPUS Q1 (Impact Factor 2.12), ABDC & ERA Rank-B, ABS-1) Emerald


3- Alshawabkeh, A., Nuseir, M.T., Aljumah, A. Impacts of social media on the buying intention of the consumers in Edinburgh, UK . International Journal of Procurement Management, 2021, 14(4), pp. 470–486 (Scopus Q2)


4- Awawdeh, A.E., Ananzeh, M., El-khateeb, A.I. and Aljumah, A. (2021), "Role of green financing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in technological innovation and corporate environmental performance: a COVID-19 perspective", China Finance Review International, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/CFRI-03-2021-0048. (SCOPUS Q2, ABDC) Emerald


5- The Impact of Social Media Marketing Communications on Consumer Response During the COVID-19: Does the Brand Equity of a University Matter?Aljumah, A., Nuseir, M.T., Alshurideh, M.T.Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 2021, 334, pp. 367–384 (Scopus )


6-How the Business Intelligence in the New Startup Performance in UAE During COVID-19: The Mediating Role of Innovativeness
Nuseir, M.T., Aljumah, A., Alshurideh, M.T. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 2021, 334, pp. 63–79 (Scopus)


7-The e-Learning of Students and University’s Brand Image (Post COVID-19): How Successfully Al-Ain University Have Embraced the Paradigm Shift in Digital Learning Nuseir, M.T., El-Refae, G.A., Aljumah, A. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 2021, 334, pp. 171–187 (Scopus )


8- Ahmad Aljumah, Mohammed T. Nuseir, & Aminul Islam (2020). “Impacts of Service Quality, Satisfaction and Trust on the Loyalty of Foreign Patients in Malaysian Medical Tourism”. International Journal of Innovation, creativity, and change. Volume 11, Issue 2, 2020.(Scopus )


9- Mohammed T. Nuseir & Ahmad Aljumah (2020). “Digital Marketing Adoption Influenced by Relative Advantage and Competitive Industry with Moderating Role of Agile Marketing in UAE Tourism Industry” International Journal of Innovation, creativity and change. . Volume 11, Issue 2.(Scopus )

10- Mohammed T. Nuseir, & Ahmad Aljumah (2020). “The Role of Digital Marketing in Business Performance with Moderating Effect of Environment Factors among SMEs of UAE” International Journal of Innovation, creativity, and change. Volume 11, Issue 3(Scopus )


Aljumah, A, I, Islam, A, Idris, M, N, (2017). Determinants of foreign patient’s loyalty of medical tourism in Malaysia: trust and perceived value as moderators. ASIA International Multidisciplinary Conference (AIMC-2017) Johor Bahru Malaysia.


Aljumah, A, I, Islam, A, Idris, M, N, (2014). The Impact of CRM (Customer Orientation and Technology based CRM) Implementations on call center Employees job performance: Evidence from Malaysia call centers. International postgraduate conference and management (IPCEM). University Malaysia perils (UniMAP)

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor in Al Ain University– Abu Dhabi Campus 2021 – to present.

Assistant Professor in Emirates College of Technology 2019 – 2021.

Assistant Professor in Institute of Management Technology, 2019 – 2021. (Part Time)

Graduate Research Assistant. Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) 2012 – 2017.

Teaching Courses

Principle of Marketing
Digital Marketing
Marketing Management
Service Marketing

E- Business
Public Relation
Principle of Management
Strategic Management
Quality Management

Organization Behavior
Change Management

International Business
Business Organization and Management
Fundamental of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Business Research Methodology