The College of Communication and Media students Visit WAM

The College of Communication and Media students at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) visited the Emirates News Agency (WAM). The visit was a part of the college’s ongoing efforts to connect its students with leading media institutions in the UAE.

Mr. Issa Al Zaarouni, Head of the Digital Media Department at WAM, provided a detailed explanation of the journalistic work processes at the agency. His presentation, titled "The Journey of News at Emirates News Agency," gave students an in-depth look into the news production and dissemination procedures. The session also included a video that showcased the history and development of the agency.

At the end of the visit, the students toured an exhibition documenting significant milestones in the history and evolution of WAM. This visit was an educational experience aimed at enhancing the practical knowledge of students and their understanding of the media industry in the UAE.

The College of Communication and Media at Al Ain University is committed to providing its students with opportunities to engage with prominent media organizations, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers.


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