Increasing awareness of Emirati heritage through the event "The History of Our Ancestors, The Future of Our Descendants"

As part of their graduation project in public relations, students from the College of Communication and Media at the Abu Dhabi Campus organized an event called "The History of Our Ancestors, The Future of Our Grandchildren". The event aimed to promote loyalty and belonging to the Emirati community, increase awareness of Emirati heritage and shed light on Emirati life in the past.

To achieve these goals, the students organized a heritage exhibition showcasing the most significant aspects of Emirati life, customs, and traditions on various occasions. In addition, the event featured a series of student competitions and the distribution of "Haq al-Laila", a traditional Emirati custom that brings joy and delight to children. The exhibition was held throughout the day on the Abu Dhabi campus, with the participation of many students, as well as academic and administrative staff of the university.


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