A Student from the College of Communication wins the Best Script Award of Arab Film Studio

Amer Al Mehri, a third year student in the public relations department in the College of Communication and Media at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi campus, has won the Best Script Award 2019 for his scenario “Run, Salem, Run” in the Arab Film Studio competition organized by Image Nation company in collaboration with twofour54 and MBC.

The idea of "Run, Salem, Run" embodies a true story of the writer, it talks about student Salem, as his shoes are stolen at school, and then a series of exciting adventures starts between Salem and his brother.

About choosing the story name, Al Mehri said: “Salem is my brother who is unfortunately dead, so I decided to choose his name to be my story name in honor of his memory”. He added, “My message from the film is to emphasize the importance of cooperation between brothers to face difficulties and triumph over challenges”.

How he participated in the competition, Amer said: "I saw the competition announcement at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, I submitted a literary text that was nominated for a second stage by a specialized jury to join an intensive training program on script writing organized by the Image Nation for five months, this experience, strengthened my self-confidence and gained me new skills”. He added, “I did not know anything about how to write a script, when I got the training I saw that it is much deeper than we imagined, through training I learned how to develop the text, how to describe the scene and actor’s movement, I stayed up nights trying hard to produce a versed script ".

Al Mehri expressed his happiness in winning the prize and said: “I did not expect to win the prize because the competition was strong between me and the participants who came from different countries with creative ideas, especially since they had previous cinematic experiences comparing with me, that made me feel fear and distrust at first, but I fought in order to prove myself and to reach at least among the first places, I was surprised when I won and got a cash grant to produce a short movie about my story".

In this context, Prof. Ghaleb Al Refae- Al Ain University President, honored the student Amer Al Mehri in the presence of Dr. Amer Qassem- AAU Vice President, Dr. Abdul Rahman Theyab- Dean of the College of Communication and Media, and Professor Dr. Muhammad Naseer- Deputy Dean of the College. Prof. El Refae congratulated Amer and expressed the university's pride in his achievement, encouraging him to be more diligent and strive to achieve greater achievements, stressing Al Ain University’s keenness to support talented students in all sectors.

Al Mehri provided his special thanks and appreciation to the President, Vice President, the Dean of the College, the Deputy Dean, and the college faculty for supporting him and all the other talented students and their keenness to integrate students of the College of Communication and Media in to community through field visits and participation in community activities to show their talents.

Al Mehri advised his talented colleagues and aspiring youth to stick to their dreams and always strive to achieve them and not underestimate them, wishing success to all.


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