The Launch of the College of Communication and Media and Three New Disciplines in the College of Education at Al Ain University

College of Communication and Media  Al Ain University has recently launched the College of Communication and Media in three specialties: the Bachelor of Communication in Journalism, the Bachelor of Communication in Advertising and the Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations headquarters in the Al Ain campus. The university has also launched three disciplines in the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences based in Abu Dhabi: Teacher Preparation Program in the  Arabic Language and Islamic Education, Applied Psychology and Applied Sociology. The majors are in line with the new vision and strategy to meet the labor market and to invest in qualified graduates.

Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatra , the AAU Chancellor, has clarified that the College of Communication and Media focuses on providing students with the basic concepts and knowledge required for the profession of journalism and public relations and advertising within a framework of quality to enable successful decision-making in working life, as well as effective technology to ensure the continuous intellectual, social development, along with their professional development skills for life to ensure their performance as journalists, public relations officers and advertisers to help them build the necessary professional values system that positively impact society.

In addition, Dr. Noor said, after many studies, that these new disciplines were introduced on the needs of the labor market in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates in general, pointing out that the local labor market is suffering a serious shortage of qualified personnel for these disciplines. Thus the Al Ain University launched the new disciplines that will prepare the teachers to be educational leaders committed to developing themselves continuously in reaction with developments in the profession, as well as to provide the College of Education educational services distinguished by its emphasis on active learning and research on the local, regional and international standards.


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