The Innovation Center Organizes a Lecture Entitled “Intellectual Property”

The Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business Development Center at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a lecture entitled Intellectual Property, Registering Patents, Intellectual Works and Trademarks.

The lecture was presented by Ms. Roya Al Junaibi, Takamul Program Officer from the Department of Economic Development, and an expert in the field of intellectual property. The lecture included an explanation of the main characteristics, rights, and legal aspects related to patents, industrial designs and trademarks, and how to register to obtain them.

The Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Small Business Development Center at AAU aims to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs among university students and graduates and the wider community to launch and implement their innovative ideas. The Center strives to enhance communication between people with innovative ideas and those wishing to launch their own projects, and between entrepreneurs and local community institutions ready to adopt the ideas.


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