An Awareness lecture on the Biological Clock

The Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council organizes a virtual lecture entitled; Biological Clock, Biorhythm, and Health, presented by: Dr. Osama Allala - Sports Awareness Specialist.

The lecturer addressed the concept and importance of the human biological clock, and its importance to health. He also talked about the importance of the human biological clock and its relationship to health. And, the dangers resulting from the lack of sleep, and its relationship to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis, as well as stress, depression, and some types of cancer.

Dr. Osama pointed out that the negative effects of sleep affect the efficiency of the nervous system and the brain, stressing the importance of night sleep in terms of quantity and quality and its impact on promoting human health, preventing diseases, and improving the efficiency of the brain work and memory.


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