Tahseen Mansour Ph.D


Abu Dhabi Campus




Tahseen Mansour is a full professor of Public Relations, Faculty of communication and Media, Alain University, United Arab Emirates. He has
a Ph.D. in Public Relations from Cairo University – Egypt in 1993. A master's degree in Communication Campaign from Leister University –
England in 1987.B.A in Journalism& Mass Com. from Yarmouk University- Jordan in 1985. His research interest is Public Relations: Management,
Attitude, Mass Communication, Social media, Advertising, Crisis Communication, and futurist studies in Media.


- Ph.D. in Mass Communication (Public Relations) with "First Class Honors" / Cairo University. Arab Republic of Egypt / 1993.

Master of Mass Communication (Media Campaign Planning), Leicester University, UK, 1987

- BA (Journalism and Mass Communication) with grade "Very Good" / Yarmouk University - Jordan / 1985.

Research Interests

- Public Relations: Management, Organization, Attitudes.

- Advertising and press

- Mass communication research in general

-The image

- The new media

Selected Publications

1- Tahseen Mansour , Ibrahim abu-Arqoub(2020)The Adaoption of Social Media by PR Practitioners in UAE. International Jornal of Innovation, Creativityand Change.Accepted. Scoupus

2-Tahseen Mansour (2020) The extent to which quality assurance standards appliying in mass communicayion faculities in jordanian universities from the faculity staff.Presented to the journal of Social Scinces.Kuwait.Accepted.Scoupus

3-Tahseen Mansour (2019) the impact of communication technology on public relations performance: an applied study on the Jordanian Government Agency. Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East. Number 24 Seventh year

4-Tahseen Mansour and Ikhlas Al-Abbadi (2019) Media treatment of the activities of civil society organizations in the Jordanian daily press: an analytical study. Acceptable for publication. Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

5-Tahseen Mansour (2014) The Role of Social Media Networks in Achieving the Needs of Jordanian University Youth. Jordan Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 2, University of Jordan

6-Tahseen Mansour and Haya Mansour (2014): The impact of communication technology applications on public relations functions in Jordanian hospitals. Dirasat Journal, Volume 41, Appendix 2, University of Jordan. SCOPUS

7-Tahseen Mansour and Abeer Rahbani (2013): The Advantages of Electronic Journalism and its Implications for Paper Journalism from the Perspective of Jordanian Journalists. Jordan Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 2, University of Jordan.

8-Tahseen Mansour and Abdullah Abu Rumman (2013) Journalistic Treatment of Cultural Affairs in Al-Rai and Al-Dustour Newspapers. Jordan Journal of Social Sciences. Volume 6, Number 2, University of Jordan.

9-Tahseen Mansour (2007) The role of Jordanian television in shaping the attitudes of university youth towards the issue of terrorism: Dirasat of the Humanities and Social Sciences Series, University of Jordan, Vol. 34, No. 3. SCOPUS

10-Tahseen Mansour (2007) Jordanian Adolescents and Arab Music Satellite Channels: A Study within the Uses and Satisfaction Approach. Derasat of the Humanities and Social Sciences Series, University of Jordan, Vol. 34, No. 2. SCOPUS

11-Tahseen Mansour (2007) Evaluation of Publications with Application on Jordan Agricultural Engineer Magazine, Egyptian Journal of Media Research, No. 28 / October, Faculty of Information: Cairo University


- Conference on Media and Societal Transitions in the Arab World 23-25 October 2011 Yarmouk University

- The International Forum on Arab Public Media and Democratization Transitions 26-27 / 4/2012 Institute of Journalism and News Science Tunisia
- The sixth media annual forum for the Saudi Society for Media and Communication 1-5 / 12/2012 Riyadh
- The second forum of the Saudi Society for Public Relations and Advertising 12-13 / 5/2013 Riyadh
- Conference on Media and Political Transitions in the Middle East, 15-16 / 11/2017 Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
- Seminar on the media role of social networks. Al Ain University, 11/13/2019

Professional Experience

- 25 years of teaching experience in Media and Public Relations at Yarmouk and Middle East Universities in Jordan, Bahrain, Umm Al-Qura in Saudi Arabia and Al-Dar University College in Dubai.
-Dean of the College of Mass Communication / University College - Dubai
-Vice Dean of the College of Mass Communication / Yarmouk 11/9/2011 - 22/1/2012
-Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department / Yarmouk 11/9 / 2011- 22/1/2012
-Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department / Yarmouk 29/7/2008 - 31/8/200

Teaching Courses

- Undergraduate

  Media Culture, Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising, Introduction to Scientific Research, Media in Jordan, Public Relations Department, Tourism Media and Marketing, Public Opinion, Management of Press Institutions, Applications in Public Relations and Advertising, Field Survey, Graduation Project in Public Relations and Advertising - Special topics in public relations and advertising, Arab and international media issues, writing for public relations, design of public relations publications, international public relations, public relations campaigns.

Courses Yarmouk and Middle East Universities

- Postgraduate

 Communication Research Methods, Public Relations and Applications, News Writing in Arabic. Communication and Public Opinion, Advanced Approaches in Communication Research, Contemporary Media Issues, International Public Relations, Contemporary Media Theories


  Member of the Jordanian Journalists Association.

  Member of the International Society for Mass Communication Research, UK

  Member of the Advisory Committee, Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East - Refereed Journal - Published by the Egyptian Public Relations Association (EPRA).

  Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Information and Communication Technology / Turke

  Member of the International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Communication for Industrial Systems (IJWMCIS)

  Member of the Editorial Board of Yarmouk Research Magazine (Human and Social Sciences Series), Yarmouk University

  Member of the Board of Directors / Arab American Association of Communication Professors 2003/2004