Soad Matar, Ph.D

Asisstant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133242


Dr MATAR Soad PH. D from Franche-Comte University - FRANCE. Awarded with Honors ’and Highest Distinction as well as the congratulation from the jury. Extensive Teaching Experience for more than 29 years. Currently works at the College of Communication at Al Ain University. Dr MATAR does research in the field of Communication and Media. Her most recent publication being "Media Coverage and Environmental Issues, and Sustainab in UAE"accepted to be published in the Regular Issue of May 2020.  Scopus Journal indexed.

Passionate and having a strong and successful teaching experience. Having a strong theoretical understanding with critical thinking and excellent practical skills.

Taught in Erasmus International Program. Able to teach in interdisciplinary and in different languages. Teaching experience with U / G and P / G students. Worked as Head of Public Relation and Media.  


Ph.D. Media Communication from Franch-Comte University 2007 - France ( with highest mention and congratulation of Jury)

Master degree II in Media Communication - Franch-Comte University- France

Master degree I in Media Communication - Franch-Comte University- France 1999-2000

BA of Media-Communication- American University in Cairo – Egypt (AUC)

Research Interests

-Media Coverge.

-Digital Media.

-Security Media.

-Protocol and Etiquette.

-Public Relation and ethics. 

Selected Publications

  1. Matar .S ( 2020) ," Media Coverage and Environmental Issues, and Sustainable Development in UAE"  International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, ISSN: 2201-1315. ( Accepted to be published in the Regular Issue of May 2020.  Scopus Journal indexed)
  2. Matar. S (2018), “Polarization in the Arab world for youth through social Media.” Published in The Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development Journal. Volume 9    ISSUE:10  ISSN: 0976-0245 (Scopus Journal indexed)
  3. Matar. S ( 2020),"Evaluating The Reality of The Media and its Role in Serving People of Determination in UAE."                                          (Under Reviewing)
  4. Matar .S ( 2020), “The Role of Public Relations in Crisis and Disaster Time.Study Case: Civil Defense in the Emirate Abu Dhabi.”       (Under Reviewing)  
  5. Matar. S (2019),The importance of the role of ethics in Public Relations  field”   (Under editing)
  6. Nagwa Abu Hiba  and Matar. S (2017), “The Role of Media Device in Spreading the Legal Culture in Society”.  Ref: 1816-949X  Volum12-ISSU 12 (Scopus Journal indexed)                    Matar. S ( 2015), Imagination and argumentation in contemporary Egyptian Movie (Inspired from Taha Hussein Novel). The CELF  Bordeaux III conference« language and imagination in literary discourse, and media policies in Africa ».
  7. Matar. S (2014), Argumentation in the French media discourse in the shadow of the events 9\11. Third International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in the Islamic World, Kuwait.
  8. Matar. S (2013),  A L'ombre du 11 Septembre 2001. Mise en mots du terrorisme et Islamalgame.  La journée du savoir et des jeunes chercheurs at Dijon - France (50), 33-39.
  9. Matar. S  ( 2012), Statistical analysis of the lexical structures dominant in the universe of ethics discourse in French media", philology in Franche-Comte revue, 25.
  10. Matar. S (2012), Learning Strategies in Multilingual Communication.  The Science journal by JMFB, Dijon-France, 25.
  11. Matar. S (2012), Argumentative dialogue with the Other in The Holy Quran".   SCR London's International First Conference on Social Sciences, London- Great Britain. Published in London University Journal.


  • .Attended to the Seminar entitled “Media in the Thought and Vision of Sheikh Zayed" By Dr Mohammed Al-Qudsi  at ECSSR, at Wednesday 26 February  2020.
  • Attended to the “Training of ProQuest Resources”, Thursday, 14 November 2019. At AAU - Abu Dhabi Campus.
  • Attended to the 10 Th annual education conference, Under the title “Education and Jobs of the Future; developing the UAE,s Progress”. At ECSSR. November 2019.
  • Attended to Conference of the Digital Documentation in the Arab World - at The Sorbonne University and The National Archives. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

       28-30 October 2019.

  • Attended the International Conference on Communication and Media Studies – Research Paper entitle: “ The Role of Public Relations in Crisis and Disaster; Study Case :Civil Defense in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”. At Athens 2019.
  • Attended to Aqdar World Summit 26- 29 November 2018. Under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. The theme of the Summit is “Nourishing Minds, Flourishing Nations”
  • The ninth annual conference on education under the title "Advanced Education for a Changing World: The Education Strategy of the United Arab Emirates" at ECSSR.

       November 2018

  • Attended to HBR EdaraLab Education Management 2nd annual Conference Titled: Educating for the Future.  November 2018
  • Attended to the 13th International Conference on Language, Literature, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLSSI-18) June, 2018 London (UK)
  • Attended to training course on “How to use Mahara to create the contents of the course file” . Abu Dhabi Campus: Thursday, 26/4/2018
  • Attended to workshop entitled "Training to academic staff in use program to assess the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)at Al Ain University for Science and Technology - Abu Dhabi Campus, 2018.
  • Attended to workshop for the Excel format to assess the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs).” delivered by Dr. Rahima Aissani, College of Communication and Media and Dr. Raed Said, Quality Assurance and Institutional Centre 5th October 2017. Location: Al Ain Campus Building A.

    -Attended to Training Outline & Agenda-Time Management. 22nd March 2017. Location: Abu Dhabi campus

  • Attended to all the workshops offered at Al Ain University for Science and Technology - Abu Dhabi campus until date.
  • Participated to European Centre for Research Conference (ECRC): “Conscious Immigrant Integration in Western Cultures” at London-Kingdom , December 2015
  • Participated to the SCR London’s Third International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in the Islamic World at Kuwait. Paper under the Title: “Argumentation in the French media discourse in the shadow of the event 9\11"”. February 2014
  • Participated to SCR London’s Second International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in the Islamic World at Dubai,February 2013.
  • Several press interviews were presented at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair:

            In 2012 with Lebanese writer Emily Nasrallah

Professional Experience

  •           Al Ain university                                                   2016- Tell date

                 Communication and Media College

  • Zayed University                                                      2009 - 2016

      Taught for ARA to the College of Communication and Media for undergraduate level for both male and female Students.

  • Franche-Comté University                                      2006-2008

       Academic Education and Research   at  France 

       Taught Media Communication courses.

  • Franche-Comté University                                       1998-2001

      Taught for Erasmus International Program (for International Students)

  • Universityof  Indonesia                                             1987-1991

        Taught for The Faculty of Political Sciences

        For undergraduate and graduate (Media and Communication Courses as a part of the study program.) – at Jakarta

  •  University Paris 3                                                      1991-1995                                                                                                     Taught for Erasmus International Program
  • University of Algeria                                                 1985-1987

       National High School for Media

  • University of Granada (UGR)

      Taught for Erasmus International Program            1981-1985

 Practical experience in the field:

   -Member of the Arbitration Committee for the graduation projects at the College of Communication and          Media-AAU                                                       2019-2018 

  -Presenter at Radio Middle East in Paris                2002 -2006

  -Media reporter and presenter at Radio Middle East in Paris


   -Egyptian Embassy      Head of  Public Relation and Media Department at Jakarta- Indonesia


Teaching Courses

• Internship 

• International Public Relations (in English language),
• Public Relations through the Internet. (in English language),

• Journalism photography (in English language),
• Writing for Public Relation,
• Protocol and Étiquette,

• Relations Management,  
• Organizational Communication, 
• Public Opinion, 
• The Art of Persuasion, 
• Public Relations and Social Networks,

• Mass Media In the UAE,

• Mass Communication Law and Ethics.

•Introduction to Journalism,

•Media Production,


  • Membership at  Franche-Comté Press Association – FRANCE.
  • Member of the Scientific Research Arbitration Committee at SCR London Center for Research and  Social Consulting-United Kingdom- London.   (Voluntary)
  • Membership at International Toastmasters, UAE branch (Sea Culture Foundation – UAE)