Mohamed Chettah, Ph.D

Director, Communication and Media Program

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133274

Education information and communication sciences, Algiers University.

M.A. in information and communication sciences, faculty of arts, university of Alexandria, Egypt.

Bachelor of Information and Communication Sciences, Algiers university ,Algeria.

Research Interests

  • Mass media in developing countries.
  • Media and social change.
  • News in media (TV, Newspaper, Radio).
  • New technologies of mass media.
  • Social Media.
  • Pubic Relations.
  • Advertising

Selected Publications

  1. The phenomenon of breaking news in television and its ligal and ethical controls- A critical study- AAU- journal of Business and Law,Volume(4),No(1),2020.
  2. Encrypted TV Channels and Sports Programs A Field Study of Athletic Audience in the University Community – The Arabian Journal of Media and Communication (N016), November 2016, Riyadh. (in Arabic).
  3. The language in the media map for the Arab Maghreb area –Egyptian journal of mass communication research (50th edition), January 2015. (in Arabic).
  4. Sources of information on current events between the traditional media and the new media, Algerian Journal of Communication, No. 22, 2015, Algeria. (in Arabic)
  5. The art of writing in media tools, magazine Al –albahith-Al- A-alami, (N0.26), Baghdad, December 2014. (in Arabic).
  6. Education of media tools in schools, Tunisian journal of communication ( 57/58th edition). Tunisia, 2014. (in Arabic).

Teaching Courses

  • Undergraduate

Introduction to Communication Sciences, mass media organizations, Economy of mass media, Production of a Newspaper. News production in TV, Newspaper writing and Editing, Information law, Mass Communication Research Methods, Sociology of Communication, Media Writing, Communication Theories, Integrated Communication, Writing for Electronic  Media, Arab Media, Management Media Institution, International and Cultural Communication. Public Opinion.

  • Post Graduate  

Management of Media institution, Media and the Current International Changes. Writing for Mass Media, International Communication, Research Methods, Algerian Information System, Seminar in Broadcasting, Seminar in Media Management, International Communication, Media Ethics.


  • Member of Arab U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE).
  • Member of Arab association of communication,Beirut,Lebanon.