Haitham Hadi Numan,Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133522



Ph.D. in Philosophy of Public Relations | Mass Communication College | Baghdad University, 2009. The PhD degree accredited in the U.S. Ph.D. in 16 June, 2014. Dissertation Title: “Opinion Polls, A Study on The Image of Iraq at the Results of Opinion Polls

Master of Arts of Mass Communication, 2003 | Mass Communication College | Baghdad University. The MA degree evaluated in the USA in16 June, 2014. Thesis Title “Political Messages in the TV Channels, Content Analysis.

Master's Degree in Political Management, 2015 – 2017 | Graduate School of Political Management | College of Professional Studies | The George Washington University.

Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in mass communication and journalism | College of Art | Baghdad University, 1999. The Degree evaluated in the USA on 16 June.

Research Interests

Public Opinion,

Mass Media,

The Political Influence,

Public Relations

Selected Publications

 Public Opinion, Theory and Analysis. 1st ed, Dar Osama, Amman, Jordan,

2011. (This book is included in the syllabus of the College of Mass Media
at the University of Sharjah in UAE).
 The Messages via the Arabic TVs. 1st ed., Dar Osama, Amman, Jordan,
 Book titled The Political Influence, Under printing
 Numan, Haitham H. The Elements Formatting the Iraqi Public Opinion. 1st ed.,
 Numan, Haitham H. Public Relations, trying to Build Definition. 1st ed., Media
Research Journal in the Mass Communication College - Baghdad University, 2009.
 Numan, Haitham H. Sociology Factors in the Public Relation Climate between the
Source and Audience. 1st ed., Arts Journal of the College of Arts, University of
Baghdad, 2008.
 Numan, Haitham H. The Obstacles of Conducting Public Opinion Polls, Iraq as
Model. 1st ed., Opinion Polls and Decision Making Center Magazine in Cairo |
Egypt, 2007.
 Numan, Haitham H. Iraqi Media - Exposure Study. 1st ed., Regional Public Affairs
Conference, 2009.
 Numan, Haitham H. | Iraqi Public Opinion on Political Tolerance. 1st ed.

Teaching Courses

Public Relations
Public Opinion
Research Methods
Ad campaign planning
Mass Communication
Communication Theories
Media Researches
International Business


Member in the Arab Media Forum | Dubai – UAE.
Member in the World Association for Public Opinion Research | WOPAR | USA.
Member in the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research | ESOMAR |
Member in MRA, Marketing Research Association | USA.
Member in the National Press Club | Washington DC.
Member in the International Federation of Journalists | Brussels.
Member in the Arab Opinion Poll | Cairo.
Member of Arab Thought Forum | Jordan –Amman.
Member of the Iraqi Journalists Union | Iraq – Baghdad.
Trainer at Le Center African Formation et Consultations | Morocco.