Ghinwa Hachache, MA


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133505




Masters of Arts in Communication Arts, Cinema/Television - Directing/Editing, Regent University – USA.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, Lebanese American University – Lebanon.

Associate of Arts in Advertising Design, Lebanese American University – Lebanon.

Research Interests

Research interest in Graphic Design, Typography and Calligraphy, Sustainable Design, Innovation, Film and Television.

Professional Experience


Teaching Courses

Currently teaching the following courses:
Web Design, Digital Photography, Media Production, Multimedia.
Previously taught courses:
Final Project Graphic Design (Capstone), 
Final Project Video Production (Capstone), Social Media, Editing (System Course Team Leader), Short Video (System Course Team Leader), Film Analysis and Narrative Structure, Sustainable Social Design (System Course Team Leader), Project Management for Media, Work Placement, Introduction To Mass Media, Designing Media Messages, Women and Media, World and Arab Media, Translation for Communication, Photography, Desktop Publishing, Introduction to Interior Design, Interior Design I, Professional Practices.