Abdulrahman Abdullah, Ph.D

Dean, College of Communication and Media

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024970




  1. The winner of the Royal Television Award in the UK 2006, as a cameraman and again as a reporter for best documentary for Channel 4, the title of which was” the death squads in Iraq”.
  2. The Winner of the International Media Award, London, 2009.


City University - London – Ph.D. – Media Studies- 2012

City University - London - Master in International TV Journalism 2006.

Baghdad University - College of Media - October 2001 - May 2003- Master in Print Journalism.

Baghdad University - College of Media- October 1994-July 1998 - BA in Print Journalism.

Research Interests

Media, Social Media, communication, internet and new Technologies studies.

Selected Publications

  1. Dr. Abdulrahman Dheyab: A book titled “ Journalism in occupied Iraq” -2012 London - The promises and practices of the U.S. Led collation.
  2. Dr. Abdulrahman Dheyab: Call for 'Media, Journalism, and Visual Communications' papers, My paper titled “The Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youths” at Conference Middlesex University Dubai's Fourth International Conference (ERPBSS) - 2018
  3. Dr. Abdulrahman Dheyab: “The usage of the Internet and its applications by Iraqi academics in order to communicate with Academic and Research Institutes in foreign countries” at Personalised Media and Participatory Culture, London school of economy, Department of Communication and media, Middle East Centre - from 29-30 June 2017.
  4. Dr. Rahima Aissani & Dr. Abdulrahman Dheyab Abdullah: The Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youths” at  Media, Journalism and Visual communications, Middlesex University Dubai's Fourth International Conference (ERPBSS-2018) - January 16th-18th, 2018.
  5. Dr. Rahima Aissani & Dr. Abdulrahman Dheyab Abdullah: The Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youths” at Communication Today Communication Today, Scientific journal of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the University SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia(in SCOPUS), Vol. 9, No. 1, 2018.

Teaching Courses

  • Introduction to Journalism, Electronic Journalism, Investigative Journalism, writing Features, Advertising Strategies, and public Relation through the Internet.


  1. National Union of Journalism – London.
  2. Iraqi Journalism Association.