AAU Health and Biomedical Research Center aims to become a world-class center in innovative research, allowing faculty members from different disciplines to carry out research. It acts as the confocal point that coordinate and promote interdisciplinary research activity in the area of health and biomedical sciences. This research center provides direction for the growth and development in the scholarly activity, aligned with the strategic plans and objective of the university. AAU health and biomedical research center aims to:

  1. Contribute to the strategic educational and research missions of the university, the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the UAE;
  2. Enhance the reputation of the university nationally and internationally and thus helps in improving University ranking and student’s admission.
  3. Increase and effectively manage the resources and research support for its members and the wider university community;
  4. Provide education and training in research and related skills (internal programs: e.g., masters; external services and collaborations);
  5. Promote and facilitate collaborative research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure;